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The Rhythmic Principles and Practice of South Indian Drumming 

This is a text manual on the performing technique and theory of South Indian Drumming. It also gives a brief overview of Indian classical music (both north and south). It provides valuable training and an understanding of the principles of the Indian rhythmic system. The text combines general stylistic and historical description, notated exercises, photographs and line drawings, producing a comprehensive and exhaustive instructional guide useful for novices as well as more advanced players.

This book is the first of it's kind, suitable for courses in World music. It will appeal to educators, musicians of all disciplines and ethnomusicologists. 

Purchase: $30 plus shipping and handling

This book can be purchased by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or writing to the publisher directly.

Lalith Publishers, Toronto
31 Manadon Drive
North York, ON
M2M 1W8
©1994 Trichy Sankaran
Parts of this book are excerpted throughout this website. 

The Art of Konnakkol


Spoken Rhythms of South India

This book will be published shortly (fall 2009) 

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