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The Art of Konnakkol (Solkattu)

Spoken Rhythms of South India

The Art of Kokkakkol book

The Art of Konnakkol is an authoritative text on the rich tradition of performing the rhythmic spoken syllables (solkattu) of South Indian drumming. 

Master percussionist Trichy Sankaran has created a complete guide to this dynamic spoken art form. The principal rhythmic concepts of Karnatak (South Indian classical) music are outlined, explained and demonstrated in detail - including mora (rhythmic cadence), korvai (binary rhythmic composition) and koraippu (reduction form). 

This book and its accompanying CD contain a wealth of rhythmic information, including examples from Sankaran’s own body of recorded work, including his albums Laya Vinyas and Catch 21. 

Musicians and artists from many backgrounds (and with different levels of experience) can benefit from the study of konnakkol - percussionists, vocalists, instrumentalists, music teachers, composers, dancers, and anyone seeking a greater understanding of rhythm and musical time.

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"The Art of Konnakkol is a culmination of Sankaran's research and a compendium of material that can be used by Western musicians for insight into the beauty of South Indian rhythms."
-Dr Russell Hartenberger, member of the the famed percussion group NEXUS, Dean of the School of Music, University of Toronto.



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